Used Office Cubicles And Workstations

With the number of start and grow up companies seeming to increase daily, so is the business of systems and cubicles. There is a tremendous amount of high quality used cube inventory available. We work with the top liquidators around. Call us and we’ll get you a great deal, with discount prices on cubes and installation.

We specialize in contemporary office furniture and unique, modern modular office furniture, office cubicles, office partitions, office workstations, panel systems and modular walls. We also have custom capabilities yielding unique modern office furniture designs for modular office furniture, cubicles and office workstations using various materials such as laminate, RTF, 3form, glass, acrylic, metal and wood.

The workstation panels, office partitions and frames come in various heights and widths to create the office cubicle size that is optimal for your space. Storage options are also available on our modular office furniture products, such as stationary and mobile filing cabinets, lateral files, overhead storage shelves, binder bins and bookcase storage.

We have Quick Ship capabilities on a number of our modular office furniture product lines as well as many of our Modern Office Furniture products. Call us if you need assistance in developing a modular office furniture plan for your commercial office space.

Sometimes, new furniture costs no more than used. Let us know what you are looking for.

If you have business expansion plans in the very near future, you’re going to need cubicles to accommodate new employees. Even if you are renovating your existing office or opening a new office for your startup, the first thing you are going to need is office furniture. But with so many overhead expenses to deal with and a tight budget, buying office furniture can become quite complicated. The solution? Buying used office cubicles!

The best thing about used office workstations cubicles is that you can ensure the comfort and productivity of your employees, maximize storage space and make sure that they have privacy at the fraction of the cost of brand new ones. What’s more, it is delivered to you preassembled and ready for use! Basically, you can have your office running in no time.

If you are still on the fence about buying used office cubicle panels as well as partitions and frames, then read on to know why used is the way to go:

Cost Savings

This one is a no-brainer. If you want to set up your office without having to break your bank, used cubicles for sale are what you need. Business owners usually sell off office furnishings when they move to another location or close operations. So, you are very likely to come across furniture that’s in top condition, but is affordable at the same time.

Quick Installation

As used office cubicles for sale are not made to order and are already in stock, you can get them delivered right to your office space and get to work the very next day. At MacBride Office Furniture, we have an exhaustive inventory of used office cubicles which will be delivered right to your office by our experts! So, this is one less thing that you’ll have to worry about while setting up or renovating your office space.


There is no reason why your office can’t be green and sustainable! With used cubicle workstations, your organization would be doing its bit to dramatically reduce its carbon footprint. This includes reusing metal additions, plastic furnishings, and more.


At MacBride Office Furniture, we thoroughly inspect used cubicle furniture and ensure 100% transparency. The furnishings are cleaned and you are informed of the condition of the structural components so that you can make changes as per your needs. Moreover, our service professionals would be happy to guide you if you need assistance.

International brands

Well-known office furniture brands such as Steelcase and Teknion can be quite expensive. But not when you buy used office cubicle workstations, used office cubicles with doors, panels and walls. At MacBride Office Furniture, you will come across a variety of top-of-the-line units available at affordable rates. We also offer a lot of discounts throughout the year and we also update our collection of branded office furniture from time to time!

If you are looking for office cubicles and related furnishings, you stand to benefit a lot by buying used ones from MacBride Office Furniture. Browse through our collection today!

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