Moving Offices is Difficult – MacBride Makes it Manageable

A move to a new office often results in better team performance.  It’s an exciting time.  However, the move itself can can negatively impact productivity on a temporary basis.  It’s quite a puzzle when it comes to tearing down cubicles, safely packing flat screens, transporting, and then rebuilding everything in the new space.

Where does one start?  Initially with planning.  Does the entire move have to happen over a week, or weekend?  Or, perhaps the move can be spaced over a few months. Is it a local move or a national move?

MacBride Office Furniture can help you plan your move, pack your offices, and then set up in the new office.  We live and breath cubicle configuration. 

Contact us today to move your office in a predictable well-manged process.

Office Moving Services We Offer

  • Planning
  • New Office Design
  • Cubicle Tear-Down
  • Cubicle Packaging
  • Computer Packaging
  • Cubicle Transport
  • Cubicle Set-Up
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