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How Does Office Furniture Increase Productivity?

Creating a work environment that inspires your employees to give their one hundred percent is of utmost importance.A workspace setting that is conducive to your employees’ happiness is a sure shot way of increasing their productivity.If you are wondering how to create a better workspace, start with the office furniture. From new or used height-adjustable […]

Making Workplaces Ergonomically Sound And More Comfortable

Your employees are your biggest, most valuable assets. To ensure optimum productivity and for the well-being of your employees, it is essential that you offer an ergonomic and comfortable workspace where they can work without being disturbed or distracted. A workstation that’s not ergonomically sound will lead to poor productivity as well as cause health […]

More Tips For A Productive Office Environment

Did you know that a specifically organized workspace can increase productivity, promote creative thought and a more focused state of mind? With just a few simple design changes, you can create a space that is more positive, and efficient. Your employees will be happier, and so will you. Check out these tips to see how […]

5 DIY Tips To Design An Office Floor Plan Like An Expert

If you walk into a business with broken chairs, tables, and general lack of care, it reflects negatively on the business (especially when it comes to welcoming new clients). As much as you might not want to believe it, the look of one’s office space  says a lot about the management. A clean, neat office […]

14 Office Design Tips To Help Improve Productivity

Research on productivity at the workplace attributes 20 percent increase of output to a well-designed physical work environment. Sadly, workplace design is not always a priority amongst employers. Listed below are 14 factors that can bring about a noticeable change in productivity at the workplace, if implemented. Improved Lighting Whether you work from an office […]

Cubicle Decor: What To Do And What Not To Do

Office cubicles may seem your personal space, but you are still in a professional environment. The cubicle may have your name on it, but it technically still counts as office space. If you think that your cubicle is your personal safe haven, you may want to reconsider. To maintain a professional equilibrium, make sure you […]

Office Furniture: Creating The Perfect Workspace

On average, we spend 40+ hours at the office each week.  As such many companies are seeing the merit in creating an office space that is both professional and welcoming.  One of the ways companies are achieving this is to implement personalized workspace that is intelligently designed to increase productivity.  The key to creating the […]

Office Cubicles – A Better Solution For Space-Limited Offices

When office structures are built, it is typical for contractors to build it with specific a number of required offices. As the business grows, the demand for new employees also grows. And yet, providing each employee his/her own private office is not always a viable option. A great solution is to install office cubicles to provide […]

Top Trends In Office Design

Back in the day, it was common to walk into an office and see nothing but rows of cubicles in boring colors like gray, brown and black. Thankfully, times they are a changin’ and so is the new office model. From open floorplans to colorful cubicles that are inviting, not oppressive, the modern office space […]

MacBride Launches Office Interior Design Service Team

MacBride offers office interior design through our partner Inessa Design Studio. Inessa Ilina founded the studio and has since garnered many honors for commercial interior design, including CNN honors for Twin Towers proposal in NYC 3D modeling design for the Los Gatos Jewish Community Center, which helped secure funding City of Milpitas Beautification Project MacBride […]