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Cherryman Veneer Table.Conference.Round from Topaz Collection. Available in Chocolate Mahogany. Also comes in a 48″

Maispace workstations

Maispace workstations that come in 8×8 that have the ability to work with various layouts.


Steelcase Answer

We have 400 Steelcase Answer cubicles that will be available June 19th. We can build high/low or low cubicles. We can do 8×8 or 8×6 or 6×6.

Steelcase Kick workstations

Need a flexible cubicle set but have a limited budget? Take a look at these used Steelcase Kick workstations that come in various sizes and configurations. Call for more details or simply fill out the form below.

Teknion Boulevard Workstations

Teknion Boulevard workstations. This is a high/low segmented system which gives it a nice open and modern feel.

Teknion Leverage 53″ high cubicles with glazed elements

Beautiful Contemporary Cube Solution 3’wide X 53″ panels lend themselves to 6×6 & Benching configurations Build individual workstations, bull pens, or benching layouts

Teknion Leverage 6’x8′ hi/low combo

Very clean inventory of Teknion Leverage Typically tall spline panels with drop down wing panels Excellent space utilization & individual privacy while maintain feeling of openness. “L” worksurface configuration with good overhead storage

Teknion Leverage Cubicles

Various sizes available with either a high low combination or 51″ all around. Please call for more details.


Telemarketing Stations

Herman Miller AO2 & Trendway Telemarketing Stations Simple solution for high density work space. Various Sizes, Configurations, and Storage options available.


Trendway Stations

300 CUBE VERSATILE LARGE INVENTORY Lots of options regarding cube size and height We can build 6×6, 6×8, 8×8 etc. Tall and Low workstations We have “lots” of 42″ high panel!! This inventory is PRICED to SELL NOW