Top Trends In Office Design

2011 office furniture_01Back in the day, it was common to walk into an office and see nothing but rows of cubicles in boring colors like gray, brown and black. Thankfully, times they are a changin’ and so is the new office model. From open floorplans to colorful cubicles that are inviting, not oppressive, the modern office space is a place where people are happy to spend their days, thus enhancing their productivity. In addition to employee satisfaction, a good looking office appeals to clients and new customers. Below we will discuss the top 5 trends in office design.
Trend # 1. Open Floor Plans For Easy Collaboration
Gone are the days of sequestering everyone into tiny cubicles or offices. Nowadays more offices are choosing to have everyone out in the open. There have been many studies that suggest having everyone out in the open, it encourages employees to converse, collaborate and innovate.
Trend #2. Mobility/Adjustability
As technology has advanced it has revolutionized the way companies do business. As such more employers are beginning to accept that employees do not need to be plopped down at their desk for 8 hours a day. Now more people are commuting or working on the go; So when they do come into the office it is vital that their workspace works for them. One of the most common request amongst employees is a standing desk or desks that are easily adjustable to fit their given needs.
Trend #3. Embracing Creativity.
Back in the old days offices were more focused on the efficiency of their workers, leaving little room for any innovation. Nowadays, offices are discovering the value of encouraging their employees creativity. Whether it is colorful new cubicles or colorful decor, many offices are straying from traditional office design in an effort to create an environment that their employees want to come to everyday.
Trend #4 Optimizing Space.
As everyone knows, space is a premium in most offices and more employers are searching for ways to optimize their space. From open bookshelves to custom built cabinets, there are many options for creating enough storage space. They are available in different dimensions and they help in keeping office space safe and organized.