More Tips For A Productive Office Environment

reception-desk-7Did you know that a specifically organized workspace can increase productivity, promote creative thought and a more focused state of mind? With just a few simple design changes, you can create a space that is more positive, and efficient. Your employees will be happier, and so will you. Check out these tips to see how you can create a more productive office environment.

Consider The Needs Of The Office When Deciding On A Floorplan

Many offices are choosing to implement an open office concept, as it is seen as a cool, modern, inclusive option.  While there are many benefits to implementing an open concept in the office, there are drawbacks.  For one, there is a lack of privacy in an open office environment. Sound distraction is another issue; there’s a lot of sound bouncing around in one room, particularly with multiple employees sharing the same space. Before you decide on an open concept you must first determine what environment is best for your employees.  For example, if your business requires your employees to be on the phone constantly, an open environment may not be the ideal situation.

Encourage Employees To Bring Potted Plants / Provide Office Potted Plants

It may be surprising for you to find out that just one simple addition, such as a potted plant, can vastly increase employee productivity. Studies have suggested just adding one potted plant near or on the desk of an employee actually causes their cognitive attention to go up, as well as improves their overall mood. It also works at cleaning the air, so your employees are getting healthier while being stimulated by nature. It’s a small design tip that goes a long way.

Provide Ergonomic Options To Promote Health & Wellness.

The average worker’s compensation claim cites back injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.  One of the ways companies can avoid these claims is to provide their employees with ergonomically friendly chairs, desks and keyboards.  Employees spend eight hours a day at the office, and they should be encouraged to use tools to promote their health and wellness.  Ergonomic office furniture can make a big difference in how much work gets done.

Keep Desks Free of Clutter With Filing Cabinets

Clutter is visually and mentally distracting for employees and cuts down on productivity. A clean desk equals an unencumbered employee. Make sure there are filing cabinets or desks with shelves or drawers available so that your clients can work without being dragged down by all the papers and documents in their workspace.

Promote you employees creativity by creating an environment designed for so. You will have your personnel happy and your numbers higher. Let your office floor be the stylish and motivational workplace that every business aspires.