Office Cubicles – A Better Solution For Space-Limited Offices

2011 office furniture_01When office structures are built, it is typical for contractors to build it with specific a number of required offices. As the business grows, the demand for new employees also grows. And yet, providing each employee his/her own private office is not always a viable option. A great solution is to install office cubicles to provide comfort and privacy for each of your employees. Because of this, the demands for office furniture cubicles are on the rise.

Thanks to developments in commercial design fundamentals, today’s modern cubicles are designed to meet the needs of individual employees and the requirements of a modern office.   Unlike the drab cubicles of the past, modern cubicles are designed to meet today’s technical requirements and inspire creative thought.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to plan and design the layout of the office floorplan. Ready to jump on the cubicle bandwagon? Before you begin  planning and designing the layout of your office, take a few minutes to go over the tips below before drawing out your office floor plan.

Tip 1.   Assess the space.

Each office floorplan is different.  As such, it is important to take a few minutes to asses how much space you have to work with. Take some measurements, and remember to be mindful where the windows and doors are placed, as this will affect usable space and lighting.

Tip 2.  Take notice of all the electrical outlets.

In today’s technological age, it is vital that your employees have easy access to electrical outlets to connect their computers, phones and printers.   So before planning out where each cubicle will be set, take a few minutes to walk around the office to suss out each outlet.  If you find that there are not many convenient outlets near where you want to place the cubicles, check if there are cubicles you can purchase with  self-contained electric outlets.  Nothing is more inconvenient than stretching cord to an outlet that is nowhere near where it needs to be.

Tip 3.  Do not block exits, or windows

This is for emergencies as well as convenience.  You do not want to have people weaving in and out of your office.

Tip 4. Decorations

Encourage creation and collaboration by making people feel comfortable in the office, and do not leave walls blank.  Add plants or pictures to warm up the room.

Tip 5.  Make use of natural light, and include plenty of additional lighting.

There is no such thing as having too much light in an office.  Your best bet is to stay with natural light, and non-fluorescent light if possible.

Modern cubicles offer the luxury of mini private offices, without taking too much floor space. If your business grows to a point that you need individual workstations for your employees, but providing private offices is not a feasible option, then contact an office furniture cubicle company and asked them how they can help you.